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“For each field, there is an art and artists, and we are the artists for success

Welcome to Success Arts, the consulting house comprising of experienced HR consultants, experts in psychometrics and assessment & development centres and trainers who are repeatedly asked to present because they are very knowlegeable and experienced in their subjects, and very skilful in engaging audience and letting them get the maximum benefit out of attendance.

Yes, success is an art, and we have the tools to make you successful in your needs for all types of assessment at the workplace, to fix and develop HR functions, and to deliver training to develop skills and competencies for the enhanced performance.

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How we can Help you

We partner with our clients, and fully understand their needs, and then present to them the suitable solutions and services with all the necessary details of what they will get, how they will get it, when they will get it, and the investment they need to make.

We believe that there is no one solution that can fit all situations, hence we take each case as unique and, after thorough analysis, we draw the most suitable solutions to fit the needs.

Example of what Clients Say

“I had a pleasure of working with Behaijan in different organizations.He represents for me a role model of a professional HR consultant.Personally, I learned a lot from him and I truly wish him all the best.Easily, I can say he is one of the best  read more

Mohammad A. Maimani

‪Senior HR Manager at Clorox KSA

I was honored to work with Behaijan on several projects during our career in different companies, positions and sectors The most important skill is he listen to the clients, understand their need, encourage them to speak up and share and confirm his understanding….read more

Ibraheim Azhary

‪Founder/Head of Ex Com, The Partner – Middle East

“I’ve attended the occupational aptitude programs with you level 1 and 2 since 10 years back, I found huge benefits at that time and I’m continuing seeing the benefits until now, for sure this added big values to my career and personal life. Thank you very much, Regards” read more

Mazen Mujjallid

Crystal Global, GM, Global HR Shared Services

“I attended a training with Behaijan for 2 weeks and all I could say is that he is the master of his subject and the expert to relay on when it comes to assessment and Psychometrics tests. His level of details and period of experience makes him stands out of any other in the same filed. All the best”  read more

Talal Miliany

Head of Global HR Services and Payroll, Tasnee

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Why Choose Successarts

  • Solid Technical Background

  • Strong Practical Experience

  • Thinking Global & Acting Local

  • We are COMMITTED to what we promise to do

  • We are HONEST with everyone we deal with

  • We are PASSIONIONATE with what we do

  • To be the Consultants Of Choice

  • To be the Most Preferred to help clients with their needs

  • To be the Most Remembered for the good work we deliver to our clients

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